Hypnotherapy Information

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind - for most patients/clients, it is extremely beneficial and relaxing. However, there are some possible contraindications, and patients who fall into these categories should not be referred or recommended for hypnotherapy.


Epilepsy - completely contraindicated

Serious/current heart condition - contraindicated, care needed

Blood pressure (extremely high or low) - contraindicated - much care needed

Depression - contraindicated. Clients with depression would benefit more from counselling

Elderly or frail - contraindicated - much care needed

Persistent alcohol or drug abuse - completely contraindicated

Psychosis - completely contraindicated

Pregnancy - first trimester at least, 2nd trimester on GP's authority, 3rd trimester fine but still with GP's authority

Medication - dependant on medication involved, but those that cause drowsiness, have an hypnotic effect, alter the state of mind, are likely to be contraindicated