“Recent figures released by the Health and Safety Executive suggest that of 67 million working days lost each year 60 percent of these are stress related.”

Stress (and anxiety) are important facts of life and affect many people in western society at one time or another.

Many people suffer from stress. Stress is a big problem in the western world. We don’t need to physically tackle a sabre-tooth tiger, but we often respond to stress stimuli in much the same way. Stress can be not being able to leave the house to walk a few hundred yards down the road, or it might be having to face extreme danger every time you go to work.

Therapy can help clients to face up to change in their life, change that has already happened, or perhaps change that needs to take place. By taking a holistic approach to the problem, but also breaking everything down into its component parts, the therapist can give a client the tools to cope with their stress, to move forward, and accept, embrace even, the change they must make.

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