Mindfulness is the "art of being in the moment". Developed from ways of life practiced in the Far East for thousands of years, mindfulness is a new(ish) concept here in the West. It is essentially Buddhism without the religious aspects.

I have studied mindfulness, practice it regularly, and know that it is a very useful tool to have in today's often frantic and stressful life.

Mindfulness can help reduce stress, improve mental health, help with relationships, and generally bring about a calmer, better life. Studies show that people who practice mindfulness (and meditation) regularly have better mental health.

I think that Mindfulness is great tool to learn. It is not a cure-all, it will not make one's life better if there are issues or problems that need to be resolved (counselling/psychotherapy is best for that). However, it is worth studying and learning, because it will help maintain that sense of self, that inner calm, once you have dealt with any other problems.

I often teach mindfulness to my clients as a way of maintaining, developing and improving a better way of life after counselling. If you would like to know more, please let me know.