Anger Management

Anger is one of the most powerful, yet perhaps most repressed emotions that we experience. In western society anger is often considered to be a taboo, especially for women. However for men it can be acceptable to express anger, although this might be the only emotion that a “real” man can exhibit.

Irrationality, loss of control, illness and violence are just a few consequences of unmanaged anger. Yet it can be a positive emotion, if channelled correctly.

Anger management – cure or coping strategy? Anger is part of us, in the same way that it is part of every animal on the earth. We all have anger within us; animals use it to protect, hunt, defend territory or mate. We seemed to have got it mixed up, and often use anger in an inappropriate way, but it is still an important part of our natural make-up.

Counselling can be used when anger is used in a negative form, to avoid consequences such as society punishing the person responsible. However, many people come to therapy for anger management without being coerced, and in these cases, a great deal of help is possible.

We cannot cure anger, but we can create a coping strategy to allow the angry to live as normal life as possible. Some anger habits are learnt from parents or peers, and can be unlearnt through therapy. In other cases, strategies to be aware of anger, to understand what triggers anger, how to control the physical reactions and learn social and coping skills.

Relaxation is a powerful tool also – many people have forgotten how to relax in our modern society, often resorting to alcohol or drugs to find a chemical release. Learning to relax can be important.

Anger can be used productively; it can bring about change in the world for good – think of Erin Brockovich  who got angry with her local power company for contaminating the water. She changed her world because she managed to channel her anger productively.

So cure or coping strategy? Coping strategy only – why would we want to cure something that was an inherent part of us? We need to learn to use anger productively, to bring change rather than allowing it to consume and envelop us in a blind rage.

The world is a hard place, but it is not going to change too quickly. And until it does, we have to learn to cope with all it.

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