Psychological First Aid

Sometimes, in the immediate aftermath of something difficult or traumatic happening, people don't need counselling, but Psychological First Aid (PFA). Studies show that PFA is often a better intervention in the days after an event, whether it be a sudden death of a friend, a natural occurrence such as a flood or fire, or a terrorist attack.

Whilst many of us will never encounter such problems, it does happen, and it is useful to know that there is a way to help get through that.

I have trained in PFA, and combined with my years of working with clients with all kinds of problems, I can offer this as a service, as a way of helping in difficult times.

I charge £40 per session - PFA is not designed as a long term therapy, usually only two or three sessions. If there are long term issues to be resolved, counselling would be the better route forward.

If you or someone you know would benefit from PFA, please get in touch, either by phone on 0797057309, or by using the form on the Contact page.