2020-10-29, 16:24
Thank you Richard, can't thank you enough for your help. You really made me think, open my eyes and helped me get back on the right track.
2019-11-12, 16:54
I want to take this opportunity to say that the sessions with you really helped me, put everything into perspective, and helped me to start moving on.
2019-09-12, 11:13
Hi Richard
Just wanted to let you know how well I'm doing with my anxiety & phobia of flying since all your help over 3 years ago. Every year since I have flown to Europe & I am able to control my anxieties, talking through everything you have taught me. It seems to be getting easier every year, whereby this year I was actually excited to be in the airport. I'm in Cyprus at the moment. I will continue with all your advice & techniques you have taught me before every flight & any other hurdles that I may face in life. Thank you so much for your understanding, patience & your belief in me to succeed, not just with flying but also with my operation.
2017-05-29, 07:35
You've been a great help to me in terms of working out where I am and it's appreciated.
2017-05-29, 07:35
I received my English results yesterday and I have passed. Thank you so much for helping me be relaxed and the key is breathing, I'll always remember that. Thank you yet again!
2017-05-29, 07:35
I am feeling so much more in control and have been able to resolve quite a few issues at work and in my home life since speaking with you. I am content and feeling so much more optimistic about handling issues rather than allowing them to run me over! Thank you so much for your support, i see things so clearly now and understand that so many of my problems were brought on myself becuase I wouldn't say no to people. I'm now saying 'no' and the results are amazing, plus if I feel I don't want to listen to someone at that moment in time, I don't pick up the 'phone! So simple! Thank you again, and I send all my best positive thoughts to you!
2017-05-29, 07:35
Thank you once again for all your patience and kind words of encouragement.
2017-05-29, 07:34
The recent sessions I have attended with you have been very productive and I feel I have got a lot out of them, so thank you for that.
2017-05-29, 07:34
Hi Richard, just a short message to thank you for all your help and guidance over the last few weeks. I will of course be in touch if i feel i need any further help. thanks again. kind regards x
2017-05-29, 07:34
Hi Richard, just wanted to say thankyou for your help with my dog phobia, the hypnotherapy seems to have really helped, i got on great with the dogs on holiday, no problems. I think i am over my fear of dogs now, which is great! Thanks again
2017-05-29, 07:34
I just thought I would let you know how things are going. I have to say that you helped a great deal - how I don't really know, but that's the case! After the second session we had, I found that things slotted into place, and I was indeed much more confident as a whole. So, thank you for your help - I'll be putting your strategies to use in other contexts, I'm sure!
2017-05-29, 07:33
Hi Richard, I just wanted to thank you as it has now been three years since I smoked my last cigarette and I feel so much better for it. I wouldn't hesitate recommending your hypnotherapy skills. Thank you.
2017-05-29, 07:33
I would like to thank you for all of your help at our sessions over the past few months. I have now processed the various issues that we discussed, and feel hugely better in myself and the anger seems to have left me. Things are consequently greatly improved at home. You have my sincere gratitude, your help has been vital to my current feeling of well being. Best regards
2017-05-29, 07:33
Dear Richard. Thank you for all your help. I feel happier and confident.
2017-05-29, 07:33
Thank you for letting me talk, you made it very easy
2017-05-29, 07:32
Thank you for all your help. I must admit I was a little sceptical as to whether you could help at first but from the very first meeting I knew everything was going to be ok. You have helped me understand how to deal with my anxiety/temper on a daily basis. You have also helped me feel more confident about how to deal with day to day situations. You listened to me and helped me realise and understand how to disregard my negative thoughts and most importantly to me, my goal was to stop taking my anti-depressants. Your plan and support was perfect, never felt any side effects whilst stopping them. You have given me the confidence to realise that I have great qualities and I'm actually quite proud of what I have achieved. I would highly recommend you to anyone, and will always know if I need the support again you will be there. Thank you once again and I'll never forget what you have done for me.
2017-05-29, 07:31
Dear Richard I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your professional support over these past few months. It has really helped me to know that I have a place that I can retreat to when life feels somewhat overwhelming. You have provided the perfect balance between listening (without any judgement) and offering sound advice, which is exactly what I needed. You have encouraged me to examine myself and put my life in to perspective and that has helped a great deal. One of the things that I found particularly reassuring is that you often appeared to understand me even when I didn't understand myself. I'm not sure that any of us ever feel 100% all of the time, but I certainly feel less burdened and overwhelmed and life looks a lot brighter now, which I'm sure is ultimately the aim when one enters counselling. Many thanks once again