Learning to drive and taking your driving test can be very nerve-wracking. For many people it is one of the rites of passage, or one of the first major steps to independence. Many people get so nervous before their test that they often don't do themselves or their driving skills justice.

Those people that fail their test often do so, not because they aren't competent enough, but because they get so anxious and stressed. It might be the anticipation or the fact that they have already failed one or more tests previously. Whatever the cause, it is quite natural and quite common.

Hypnotherapy can help with passing your test. Using deep relaxation techniques, I can assist you in remaining calm, collected and in control. By being focussed and relaxed, you will be able to visualise taking and passing your test.

I can teach you to remain calm, to look forward to your driving test, to cope with making a mistake (and we all do make mistakes) and most importantly, get over your nerves and pass that test.

"Well the hypnosis worked!!!!!!!!! I came on leaps and bounds this week in lessons and so good I got a cancellation for my driving test for today. and guess what I PASSEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks I know we had only one session but it really helped!!" AL - January 09

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