Stop Smoking

Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

I used to smoke. I know how hard it is to stop, but I can help you, if you really want to stop. My stop smoking plans are designed to help you overcome your smoking habit and addiction. If you are ready to stop, have tried everything else, then call me today.

I offer two Stop Smoking plans - one is a single, 2 hour session which costs £75, or you can try the 3 Session plan at £110. The single session is designed for the person who is really ready to stop - on a motivation scale of 0-10, where 10 is the highest, you should be at 7 plus for this plan.

The 3 Session plan is for you if you want to stop, but can't quite bring yourself to quit for good. This is for people who rate less than 7 on the motivation scale. Four sessions over three weeks, with the last one the time when you stop smoking. The first session includes the initial consultation. All sessions last an hour and the fee is payable at the first session.

With cigarettes at over £9 a pack, you will reclaim this money in a month once you stop smoking (for a 20 a day smoker).

What to do next?

Contact me to arrange your Stop Smoking plan - and get ready to stop smoking for good.