Hypnotherapy Information

Many top athletes and sportsmen (and women) use the power of the mind to enhance their performance on the field. Visualisation, belief in performing, in winning can be the edge, the difference in taking the prize.

Hypnotherapy can give that edge. Using programs designed specifically for your sport, I can help you reach your potential. Whether it is self-belief, confidence or the ability to visualise taking that wicket, dropping that goal, making the tackle, I can help you.

I have played cricket and rugby at club level for many years (I am also a qualified cricket coach) and understand how the sportsman (and woman) thinks, feels, desires the win.

It might be that you want to be able to relax before a game, to take a breath and look around. You might suffer from over-competitiveness, and want to channel your anger into something more constructive. Perhaps you want to discover that edge, that last drop of mental strength that takes you over the line.

Contact me today to discuss your sport, your desire.