Covid-19 Information

When you come to my office for face to face appointments, please can you follow these steps in order to reduce the chances of any infection.

  • Do not attend if you or any of your household are showing symptoms of covid-19, or have been advised to stay at home by the test and trace team. We can reschedule or speak via video
  • Arrive at the scheduled time to allow me to clean the office before you enter
  • Use the hand sanitiser to clean your hands on arrival and departure
  • Knock and wait before entering - so I can step back from the door
  • There can't be any physical contact between us, so no handshakes etc
  • Respect the distance between us
  • Take a seat on one of the armchairs at the end of the room
  • There are tissues in the dispenser on the wall if you need them
  • I can provide a glass of water, but feel free to bring your own drink
  • Do NOT wear gloves to the office - they are ineffectual at reducing the spread of disease
  • Please feel free to use the toilet - it is cleaned frequently. There is a new hand towel dispenser
  • Please pay by contactless card or online banking - no cash
  • Relax

I have made a few changes to the office to ensure our safety, such as providing a hand sanitiser station downstairs before you enter, tissue dispensers rather than boxes of tissues, contactless card payment and regular cleaning.

To date there have been no problems, but this is not the time to be complacent. With Autumn and Winter approaching, it will be harder to keep the windows open to ventilate the office, so I have invested in a ventilation unit to keep the air changing. 

Face coverings are not compulsory in my office - counselling requires open communication, and so is exempt. We also sit more than two metres apart, and the office is well ventilated and cleaned regularly. However, if you wish to wear a face covering, please feel free to do so.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding covid-19 (or any other aspect of counselling), please send me and email using the form on the contact page.