In recent months I have completed courses in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Nutrition and Weight, and Mindfulness.

As an integrative counsellor (meaning that I use ideas and tools from different psychotherapy modalities) I am always looking for courses, books, and information that help me help my clients (and help myself as well).

CBT is a way of looking at problems and issues that is popular within the NHS in the UK. I believe it to have its benefits, but feel that it... can be limited in helping. I tend to use it as a tool, rather than focussing entirely on CBT as an approach.

The nutrition course has been very interesting, helping me to understand more about diet and weight, and then hopefully being able to impart some of this to my clients.

Mindfulness has been catching on in the UK in recent times, and it can be very useful in helping people to manage how they feel and think, and give some control to a mind that sometimes feels out of control.

Mindfulness is a practice linked to Buddhism (but without the religious aspect). It simply asks one to be in the moment. This is often hard to do in our busy, stressful lives, but it is possible to be able to clear the mind. In therapeutic terms, this can mean that clients are able to focus on, and then let go of difficult thoughts and emotions.

If you are interested in seeing me to help you with problems like depression, stress, anxiety, anger management, weight issues, OCD, loss and bereavement, please contact me.